Hello there!

I'm Catherine, thanks for visiting my blog!

I'm a PhD student studying Linguistics, as well as a part-time French teacher, piano teacher and sub-editor. I love the outdoors, and when I'm not working or lazing around in my pyjamas, I'm probably doing something involving plenty of mud: running, hiking or cycling.

I love to wake up early and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I dream of living in the countryside some day, but for now I'm a city dweller, living in a small terraced house by the river Ouse in York.

Aside from language, porridge and mud, my other passions include baking (specifically bread) and cooking (specifically curries), reading, writing in every possible way, and tucking up next to a fire with good company and a strong drink. Also, sticky toffee pudding, every time.

I am an eternal optimist, which I guess, if there was going to be a theme to my blog, would be the theme to my blog. Here I like to express in writing my wonder at the world - the good things (and some of the bad) that happen that make life quite as astounding as it is. So, grab a cuppa and tuck in!

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