Monday, 2 November 2009

Bit o' celebrity!

Last week I e-mailed in to my favourite radio show, BBC 6Music, to submit a request to appear on their morning feature called My Morning Racket. The idea is to pick a song which you love to wake up to, then you get to chat with Shaun, the presenter (and a favourite 'personality' of mine) and have your record played on air.

While in the supermarket this morning (every week I try and get there earlier than the week before - next week I'll be there before it opens if I succeed...), trying to decide whether to buy light or dark soy sauce, when I got a call from Lisa at 6Music, asking if I wanted to appear on the show! They gave me enough time to get home, where I waited eagerly with sweaty palms to chat to the lovely Shaun.

I just listened again to my appearance (2 hours and 12 minutes in),

and dear lord I sound like the queen! Where is my northern lilt these days?! I put it down to my southern friends with their long vowels and neat codas. Today officially marks my trek back to my West Yorkshire roots, dark l's, short vowels and clipped codas. No more standardization! If everyone made such changes to their speech, I would have no subject to study! It's funny that my brother sounds like he's straight out of Pontefract Colliery - it makes me appear quite pretentious in comparison. Argh.


  1. Oh how very exciting to hear you on the show :-)

  2. Thanks for including the link, I did have a quick listen!
    Hope you are having a good week.
    Lisa x

  3. I've just had a listen, and being a long-vowelled southerner myself...I think you sound REALLY Yorkshire!!

    Good choice of song by the way!

  4. Ahhh THANK YOU!!!

    This has officially made my morning ;-)

    I ALWAYS have to sing along to the 2nd verse - 'baby instant soup doesn't really grab me...' :-D

  5. Oh no, it's not online anymore. I thought I could listen to you pretending to be from the south ;)

    Man, I'm tired today. Guess I should leave work earlier...