Friday, 27 November 2009

Let the festivities begin!

I've just spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the christmas markets at the St. Nicholas Fair (who would think I was in the midst of MA overwhelm-ment?!). I refuse to spend my Saturday, my only free day in the week, pushing through bustling crowds of people - at best I am rather misanthropic, but at worst...well...I wouldn't like to think what I might be capable of! So, Friday afternoon it is; though there were still hoards of people pushing, shoving, fighting to get the free cheese samples! All part of the spirit, one could say!

The St Nicholas Fair is the busiest weekend in York's calendar, and rightly so! It seems that all of the best parts of our yearly market stalls gather, with added festivities, costume and plenty of samples! The first stall was selling lovely christmas liqueurs, and I was very nearly £20 down in the first 10 minutes after a sip of some local port! We continued to mooch, anyway, and being the foodies that we are, spent plenty of time admiring the breads, cheeses and fudge. The pork pie stall was omitting such heavenly aromas - not quite heavenly enough to turn my vegetarian tummy meat-wards, but I did have a slight wave of regret towards my moral choices! And I couldn't help being excited about the meringue mountain at the curious breads stall!

All in all, it was a productive peruse of some lovely products. I only bought two gifts, one of which was for myself, but I did pick up some inspiration for some crafty ideas - never a market visit wasted!

I have been searching for a while now for a milk jug, as I hate having the milk bottle on the table next to my teapot. Well, I found a lovely one - not only is it perfect in size, but it is also greeeeen!!

It will sit quite happily by my teapot - and I see it as an investment in my degree; assignments and reading need no longer be interrupted to boil the kettle!

We finished our trip with hot chocolate and some sit-down time to talk properly. Such a lovely few hours; I haven't been mooching in town, or even had a real hot chocolate stop, in way too long.


  1. Hello!
    Just thought I'd swing by to wish you a fab weekend!
    I love the green pretty!x

  2. Mooching is good. Much better than those hectic and rushed shopping trips that can be part of this time of year. Hot chocolate is also good!
    Lisa x

  3. Hi, just found you via Jumble and Jelly - great to "meet" another fellow Yorkshire person!! Love what I have seen of your blog already - now off to have a good peruse.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic day out. Those meringues look great :)

  5. Oh this looks like a lovely warm City Screen hot chocolate! Winter time makes me miss you and York even more :-(

  6. Hi Diane, good to "meet" you too! And glad you like my blog, it seems to contain plenty of Yorkshireness these days :-)