Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Come Early

Owing to our homes being at opposite ends of the country, Daniel and I celebrated our own Christmas Day on Sunday, here in York, before we go our seperate North/Southbound ways today/tomorrow. It was my dream Christmas, the one that never actually materializes at home with my family! There was no TV, no one fell asleep (though we both came close), we played board games and our conversation and manners were quite acceptable during our feast! A much-needed fresh take on Christmas!

What a feast we prepared! Maybe the most well-timed big meal known to any kitchen anywhere!

This involved:

- My special cranberry nut roast
- Honey roast parsnips
- Roast potatoes
- Mustard mashed potato
- Fried leeks
- Carrots and broccolli
- Gravy
- Cranberry sauce
- Stuffing

We shook down the first course with a delighted mini rave after the announcement of the Christmas number one - awesome!!

And then Christmas pud and custard, to ensure great discomfort for the rest of the evening.

Of course, there were presents!

Here is my collection of treats!

We got eachother the same card - oops!

We rounded off the afternoon lethargically with board games accompanied by chocolates and tea. A perfect Christmas Day - if the next one is half as good, it will make for a lot of fun. I can't wait to get home and see my family now, where it is warm and I don't need to leave my dressing gown all day if I so choose!

Have a lovely time everyone!!


  1. What a co-incidence buying the same card!
    Hope you have another fabulous Christmas with your family. I agree with the no TV, but with 2 DrWho fans in the house it'll go on for that I'm sure!
    Happy Christmas.
    Lisa x

  2. Thanks! You too!

    I've already found myself orbitting around random rubbish on TV. I don't have one in my own house so I forget how distracting they are! I think Dr Who is acceptable xmas viewing, what with David Tennant and all :-)

    Merry Christmas!