Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Big Race is Upon Us!

Our big race is finally upon us!!

I am all things right now. Bloated with pasta, tired, nervous, excited, curious, energetic, desperate to squash some yoga into the last minutes of the day (we have to be up at 5, so it's pretty much bed time right now).

We will be cycling in memory of my Uncle Robert. A wonderful, inspiring and slightly crazy man, who would surely would have loved to take part in this race himself. I miss him now more than ever; the impossibility of his death is even greater when I'm out on my bike, flying through the countryside as if the world were my own. So far we've raised over £400 towards the hospice that cared for him in my hometown. People have been so generous.

Yesterday I found out that my Uncle's colleagues are also fundraising in his memory this weekend, by climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, again for the hospice. The idea that other people who knew and loved him will be out in Yorkshire to honour his memory tomorrow is so big it almost brings tears. The thought of us all out there missing him will surely get me over some walls tomorrow.

So here we are. About to go to bed. And when we wake, it will be the big day! Please hope for good weather for us tomorrow, with no wind!


  1. Hope the day dawned with perfect conditions and all was good.
    Lisa x

  2. It'll all be over now and you'll be a mixture of elation and agony! I hope it went well. Treat yourselves to a massage this week!

    One of my clients did the London to Paris bike ride this weekend.. I wonder how that went for him!