Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Note To Self.

Note to self.

Everything doesn't have to happen all at once. Be more patient; enjoy the big changes one at a time.

There are some things you just don't like. Maybe it's time to stop trying to like them?

You don't need to fit into those jeans anymore. Remember: jeans that are baggy now were once tight, and before that you didn't even dare try on a pair of jeans! Your perceptions might have changed over time, but your huge achievements will always remain.

Friends always cheer you up. Talk to friends more.

Get to the pharmacy and fix your dry skin. Small errands can make a massive difference!

Eat more fresh spinach. Life is too short for frozen spinach.

Dreams do actuallycome true. The proof is in that man making you chamomile tea in his dressing gown over there.

Fitting in would mean selling out. Stick with who you are - the people you love the most like you that way.

Eat more slowly and enjoy mealtime conversations. Those are always the most precious moments in the day.

Write more - you love to write. Preferably with a hot chocolate or a cinnamon bun. Or both.


  1. This made me smile.

    And adding to your note.....frozen spinach tastes yuk.....fresh spinach is yum!! xx

  2. Fitting in is probably the single most overrated thing in life. Fact.

  3. You know me, I agree with the last one wholeheartedly!
    Take care
    Lisa x