Sunday, 15 April 2012

This Weekend I am Loving...

...running in the rain with my husband-to-be. So delightfully fun to be soaking wet and covered in mud with the man of your dreams. To splash in puddles and be carefree about speed, distance and everything else. To arrive home dripping wet and ready for a hot shower, followed by soup and buttery toast. After a poorly week where I didn't go running once, this was the best way to jump in with a literal 'splash' and remember that energy is a gift to be taken seriously! fever! I finally got my engagement ring (more on that to follow, I think), and we have found the perfect venue that knows about vegetarian weddings, vegan weddings, coeliac weddings and the best seasonal local produce. Plus oak beams, an open fire and local ale on tap - my heart is set!

...this pizza. Oh my! I have never cooked with gruyere myself, nor have I ever been experimental enough to move from the traditional tomato sauce base, but this was one of those meals during which the conversation rarely moved from how delicious the meal was. Homemade pizza and a fresh salad with homemade dressing - perfect end to a perfect day.

...sitting until drink-up time in our pub, the pub that I pined for constantly during our brief hiatus from York. The first real and not-ill weekend demanded a visit, and we warmed by the open fire and drank our drinks slowly (I am pretty much alcohol-free these days and can't take much!). It is nice to see how things change, but equally nice to feel at home in its familiarity.

...slow riverside walks. I am practising walking slowly, arm-in-arm with Daniel, and taking in the whole world as I go. The river is the perfect place to find space and peace, as well as being a prime spot for people watching and whiling away an hour. I have missed these walks and I didn't even realise until I got them back again.

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  1. Loving the matching yellow jackets!
    Pleased to hear all is good in York. Wedding venue sounds idyllic.
    And did you mention a ring????
    Lisa x