Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What Could Be Better?

What could be better than this sunny weather? It is supposed to cool and grey towards the weekend, but I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for more and more and more of this!

With a little helping hand from the sunshine, life is pretty much as good as it gets right now. Sweaty early morning runs to start the day, setting off just after 6 with goosebumps, returning just after 7 with a dripping brow. I can enjoy slow breakfasts with the radio on, then saunter off to work without having to worry about trains or much else at all. Evening bike rides or drinks in the garden, drawn-out evening meals eaten a little too late in the day, and finally the ability to just be, with or without a book or a pen.

It has been years since I have felt this relaxed, if indeed I have ever felt this relaxed in the past - I'm not so sure I have. It's a simple and obvious reminder of how life is here to enjoy; I have spent the last two years bound by routine and self-discipline, and it is wonderous to feel set free again.


  1. Good to hear all is well in Jumbleberry land! I hope this weather continues too, makes us all happier.

    Lisa x

  2. Hope all is well in your world ;-) x