Sunday, 6 January 2013

So Far in 2013

Only 6 days in to 2013 and already I feel that some great change is taking place. A stillness that I've never noticed before has come over me, and, for the past 6 days at least, I've found myself existing much more soundly internally, rather than externally.

So far in 2013 I've mostly been writing; trying to catch up with thoughts and new knowledge that have been flying around my mind for weeks, when I was at first too busy and then too tired to take stock of them. Yesterday I started work early, managing to write some of my 'best stuff' in that quiet early Saturday morning space that I often sleep through. Saturday mornings are my most productive time, but I always feel more inclined to stay warm in bed - one of the two precious mornings when I get to see Daniel (normally I am asleep or out running when he leaves for his commute, meaning I only see him in the evenings during the week), and so am always reluctant to spend a single moment at work.

Though mentally I've been acrobatic, physically I've adopted a stillness that appears to be much-needed. I'm taking a running hiatus until Valentine's Day (at least, that is my intention), which was a difficult decision to make but I know that I'll be glad of it in time. I haven't stopped running since last February when I began marathon training, and as I'm already signed up to do a marathon again in May, I feel a break will help me prepare for that massive challenge more than any running ever could. Instead, I'm getting back to my yoga practise, which has been much neglected over the past few months of hurrying around. So far in 2013 I've done plenty of yoga, and I'm strangely grateful to find that my body is totally inflexible, sore and reluctant for stillness - it reminds me quite plainly of why I ever did yoga in the first place.

So far in 2013 I haven't eaten any wheat, or drunk any alcohol (bar one final glass of New Year champagne, which doesn't count...). After a highly indulgent Christmas, a fizzing New Year's Eve and a nastily hungover New Year's Day, my body felt tired and overloaded. Cutting out wheat and alcohol feels like a natural thing to be doing right now, and I'm not experiencing any cravings or any sort of wish for either of the two. Once life gets back into full swing again I know I'll want to head to the pub on Friday evenings and enjoy homemade bread and marmalade on Sunday mornings, but until I really fancy bread, pasta or another hangover (!) a hard-line approach is suiting me fine.

So far in 2013 I've drunk a lot of herbal tea, and am loving this sweet blend before bed, and this tea after a morning yoga session. I've bought some fresh flowers to replace the Christmas tree, been indulging in sandalwood and lavender oils on a daily basis, and getting as much non-academic writing done as I can bear (I tend to do this by hand, and my handwriting capabilities are not what they used to be).

2013, so far, so good.

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