Monday, 11 February 2013


It's been a long time coming, but finally I have re-branded this blog of mine to something which at least resembles who I am now, as oppose to who I was six years ago. I even went all professional and put a page up about 'my work', not least because I hope that having it up there for real people to click on might prompt me to fill it out a little. Things are in progress: watch this space!

I feel sad to let Jumbleberry Orchard fall into the empty void of discarded webspace, but it had to happen. At least now I can promote my musings without feeling slightly awkward about my blog title: Jumbleberry Orchard was decided in one quick minute after assembling two lovely food-related words together into some euphoric fusion of meaninglessness. Meaningless is not how I want to appear to the world.

So 'Words For Sale.' it is, decided today during a lunchtime stroll along the riverside. It sounds appropriate, it meets my aims, it doesn't dissolve on the tongue like a sherbet lemon. It won't only be about words, mind. I love to do plenty of other things, not just word-related, and my love for all things food and fresh air will hopefully stay constant in the bloggy themes that I throw around. I do have two marathons on the cards this year, after all, as well as the most awesome wedding that will ever happen (mine).

Words, nevertheless, is the central theme of my life as it stands. I'm finding myself less inclined to do the things I should probably be doing (training for above-mentioned marathons and getting dressed being two of these things) because I'm just too absorbed with wordcraft. This is pretty much the best thing ever, it has to be said.

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  1. Love the new rebranding - we are constantly changing whether we want to or not. And as our blogs are an online window into ourselves they need to change too. I felt like this when I decided to close Suburban Yogini. It just wasn't who I was anymore.