Thursday, 13 May 2010

Checking In!

I am still here!

I've been a busy busy bee over the past two weeks, collecting data for the project I'll be working on for the next four months (more on that soon!). It has been a mind-numbing task from start to finish, and staring at my computer screen all day long has left me with no will to blog, and nothing interesting to blog about! On the plus-side, incessant copying and pasting needs no real concentration and I've been able to enjoy hours and hours of radio!

Last night I met Daniel in town after he'd finished work to catch the first afternoon showing of Robin Hood. I would have had no intentions to see this film, blockbusters being far from "my thing", but Daniel lured me in with promises 12th Century linguistic excitement and the thrill of a mega-film on opening night. Thrilling it really was; brilliant music, great sets, lots of muscular action and gruff tales of the grimy dark ages. Imperfect, but who cares; it was a really great few hours. Maybe I'll be a film-bum yet?

I got up at 6:30 this morning to continue with my data nightmare. I didn't have time for the afternoon run I had planned, or even some yoga to un-slump my poor back, but I did finish it all - my data is together and I'm ready to roll! Exciting stuff!

Tonight Daniel is away in London, and I intend to indulge in this with a bit of time for myself. Thomas Hardy and some hot chocolate is on the cards, followed by an early night. Granny-style is the new black, really!


  1. Enjoy your quiet evening and the hot chocolate!
    I'm off to my CL magazine soon!
    Lisa xx

  2. Thomas Hardy and hot chocolate? Sounds bloody wonderful! xx