Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Almost Back

It's been a while! A whistle-stop round-up of the past two weeks:

- We said goodbye to our rickety, ramshackle house in York and moved ourselves (with some help) to a modern flat in a village near Bradford. We can see the moors from our window, there are no draughts, and I can sit cross-legged in the bath.

- I took part in a 14-mile fell race, where I got lost and added a few hills and an extra mile to the fun. Officially the hardest challenge yet!

- I created a yoga studio in our new house, which is slowly being taken over as Daniel's room for discarded things.

- I spent a week at a conference in Birmingham where I tried to establish a routine with smelly canal runs in the morning, just-add-water porridge and 9pm bedtimes.

- The new house became home as I dragged my tired self up the stairs, soaking wet from the Pennine rains (which never stop for long!) and exhausted from the noise of Birmingham.

- I took part in the best race of my life so far - a 7-mile fell run over Ilkley Moor (bah tat, no less) where the mud came up to my knees and I almost lost my shoe - and came last! What a humbling experience!

- I celebrated my one year anniversary of being a full-time employee.

- I joined a book group.

Internet should return to our lives tomorrow. I've enjoyed this break from everything electronic, but blogging and University Challenge will be welcomed back into open arms :-)


  1. nice to have you (almost) back. x

  2. Yay! Wow - a bath you can sit cross-legged in...that sounds like heaven. Love your fell run adventures. Happy new home! x

  3. Hello again. I wondered where you went! Sound slike you have been extremely busy. Hope you are loving your new home.
    Lisa x

  4. Hey congratulations on the move - looking forward to seeing some photos of the place. I work North Bradford (Saltaire) and so know how beautiful that area is first hand. Glad that all is well in your world.