Sunday, 25 September 2011

This Weekend.

This weekend I sampled one of the bars in my new area. It was loud and busy - four nice bars/pubs to a whole village will lead to a struggle for a seat on Friday night - and full of such a range of ages and 'types' of people (as far as you can classify different 'types' of people from observing them in a bar), all mingling, laughing and drinking together. We perched on high stools for a good while, sipping pints and indulging in the best conversation I've had in ages. We left after the second bell rang, hurried by a barman with cleaning spray, and stumbled home to late-night toast and honey and a spinning attempt to sleep. I haven't been drunk in ages, and I thoroughly enjoyed it until I lay my head on the pillow.

This weekend we had a lazy Saturday breakfast - fried with toast for him, goodness-packed for me - and tidied our house in our pyjamas. I love being at home on Saturday morning, Radio 4 murmuring in the background as the weekend gets itself started.

This weekend I explored the nearby Baildon Moor with a short but challenging run. My first attempt at fell running alone, and I was glad to see so many walkers out in case of any nasty falls. The ground was soft but firm underfoot, and I had fun bounding down the moorside with my windmill arms (the techniques are coming to me slowly!).

This weekend we hit Ikea at peak time, and I was exhasperated after only 5 minutes. We chose a sofa-bed, some bookcases, a chest of drawers and a few other useful (or completely unuseful but pretty) items. We haven't got all of it yet, but still I can't wait to start setting up our new things. Soon this will be home just as I imagine it.

This weekend we watched Black Swan. With tea and biscuits. Before bed. Cue wierd dreams.

This weekend we set out on a drizzly Sunday morning for the first bike ride in over a month. It was a fantastic way to explore the area, and I am so excited to see how close we are to rolling hills, open moorland and quaint village tearooms. It was disappointing to find that I've lost some of the fitness I gained during training for the 100-mile ride (despite a lot of difficult running since!), but I soon found that pushing through the agony and breathlessness became easier at every hill. We crossed over Ilkley Moor in a cloud of grey, and it still managed to stun me with its desolate landscape and harsh wildness.

This weekend I made ketchup with my green tomatoes. I have lots of red ones ready for pasta tomorrow, but wanted to make use of the abundance of green fruits so that we can put my first 'grow your own' project to bed (they are currently sitting in our living room, and the fruit flies are pretty gross!). My kitchen is a wreck, but I have two jars of brown sauce (green tomatoes + red wine vinegar = brown ketchup!) which I look forward to serving at every dinner party ("ketchup with the curry anyone?").

Now I am being summoned for furniture assembly tasks! I can't wait to show you around!

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  1. What a packed weekend. Your happiness with life shines through.
    Lisa x