Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2012: A Big Year

2012 is set to be a big year. I am currently making huge life-changing steps to get where I want to be, and it is taking a fair amount of my energy. Alongside that, because dreams don't always come true and money doesn't grow on tress, I'm also planning a whole range of huge life-changing things, because I've had my year of wanting things to change, and now I'm having my year of making things change.

So, here are a few of the huge (and less-huge) goals for this year - the hugest one of which has been left out, in order to protect my own sanity if it all falls apart!

1. Climb a new mountain
2. Go on holiday abroad
3. Buy a house (huge, I know, but exciting, too!)
4. Get a time of 2 hours or less in a half marathon
5. Write
6. Floss every day (10 days out of 11 so far - not bad!)
7. Get something published
8. Read more non-fiction

Aside from these goals, though, I just want 2012 to be awesome. 2010 was awesome, and it didn't involve a novel or a house deposit or even particularly good dentistry; when I think back, the achievements and fulfilment that came with 2010 came directly from me, from my heart, even. So I'm giving my heart to this year; to building myself again from scratch, to taking on awesome things and saying 'yes' to even the scariest challenges. I want to re-discover the person I was two years ago: enthusiastic about the future, passionate about my cause, lively and sociable. She's still in there somewhere, I'm sure!

I've woken up every morning lately with a ball of excitement inside me, eager to get into my day and make the awesome happen. I feel more in love than ever, more in control than ever, and more excited than I have in a long time about just being where I am, and getting where I want to be. The thing about a new year is that it gives us a place to start afresh; even though the sun and moon rise and fall just as every other day, the celebrations, the champagne, the relfections on the previous year - they all say 'here, take another chance and use it'. I feel that I've been uncharacteristically gloomy for the past few months, letting my woes stew together and constantly wishing I was elsewhere. So, in short, my new year's resolution (which has taken 11 days to really materialize) is to constantly strive to be the person I want to be. To be kinder, more passionate, a little less frantic, to spend time doing what I love, to take risks and put myself right out there when given the opportunity.

2012 is going to bring its challenges, I'm sure. But this year I am striving to do more awesome things, and to make 2012 a really big year.


  1. Wow - there's some BIG goals in there. But Catherine - we all know if anyone can make them can!!! I wish you all the very best - and I look forward to reading about them as each one happens ;-)

  2. enjoy making 2012 the best year of your life :o)

  3. Meanwhile I am making 2012 the year I stop doing things! I guess that's the biggest difference between being 25 and being *feels old*!!

    Ah the buying a house thing. Sometimes I think it would be a really good idea to do that again (had houses in the past, sold 'em as I am commitmentphobic!) - especially when our landlord is selling up and we're going to have to move. But then like I said, that level of commitment.....

    Good luck with everything, you're going to have a brilliant year!

  4. That's a great resolution, and if you give your heart to this year, I am sure it will reward you.

    Best of luck with your biggest goal, and I hope you will share it sometime (because that will mean it won't have fallen apart) x

  5. I think it's going to be a big year too, it just has that feeling about it :)

    You're totally right about doing things from the heart. I've found that when our dreams and goals and desires truly come from OUR hearts, not from anything else, then there's no way that it can't happen. But if it doesn't happen the way you imagined it would, it's usually because you're on the path to somewhere or something else that's going to be even better.


  6. I hope 2012 brings you a positive outcome to all your new challenges, it all sounds very exciting.
    Lisa x