Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And Here We Are, 2012

2012: so here it is! Happy New Year! I hope the first few days of this fresh new year have been good to you!

I feel as if Christmas never really happened this year. It was so quiet and simple, it slipped by innocently, and before I knew it I was back at my desk, logging on to a pitiful 64 emails (as much as I'd hate to have hundreds of emails waiting for me after ten days' holiday, my sorry 64 - most of which weren't really meant for me - did make me realize just how little my position matters in the grand scheme of things. Ha!) and counting down the hours until banana time (10:30am, no earlier).

Before I charge into all of my good intentions for the year ahead, I'd like to first recount a few good memories from the past few days. I think I need a bit more time to reflect on what the festive season brought me before I really start to plan and make any lists; intentions don't need to be rushed, anyway. Still, I find myself in a much calmer state than I was before the Christmas break, as if all of my frantic obsessing about where I'm going, and my charging ahead full-throttle into something, anything, but this has melted away during the festivities.

I spent a quiet Christmas at my parents', just them, me and, fleetingly, my younger brother. We didn't talk until late into the night as we usually do, we didn't drink all the wine, host visitors for evening drinks or stop off at the supermarket every day for more houmous; it was an incredibly unindulgent, low-key affair. I think we were all going through the same, quiet emotions, and interestingly, the one thing I know we all shared this Christmas wasn't spoken aloud once. It didn't seem necessary, somehow.

Instead, we went for walks, sat by the fire, read a lot, and worked quietly on our own projects. I cooked for my parents, I went running with my Dad, I went running alone. We went for our traditional family ramble on Boxing Day (minus my brother, who had a better offer from his girlfriend - typical!), and our traditional gathering on Christmas Eve.

Then, I spent a cosy New Year tucked up in the mountains with the man I love. We ate a lot, walked in the mud and rain, chatted about things not to do with work, played games and slept in late. We went for a short run together in the dark, browsed the shops in Keswick and hurriedly scoffed many picnics as we froze in the first real cold spell of the winter. We also visited Grasmere and Dove Cottage, which was wonderful.

So now I'm starting to come to terms with 2012. I'm enjoying getting some routine back, and enjoying the placid feeling that's remained since I arrived home for Christmas. I'm writing every day, being more careful with how I'm eating, enjoying long evenings at home, and trying not to spend too much time with my computer. Long may all of this last!


  1. Sounds like you've had the perfect break.

    I finally restarted my routine today - it was hard - but done! The Christmas tree is now down...so am getting my head around the fact that there's no break now for a while!!

    Happy new year to you & yours x

  2. There are times when we need quiet.

    Being in the mountains must have been lovely and restorative -it sounds like you gathered strength for the year ahead. May it be a good one for you! x

    P.S.: I love the bit about counting down the hours until "banana time"! I also try not to snack before 10.30 am.

  3. A bit of time and space to think and reflect, what a wonderful gift to have had.
    Happy new year.
    Lisa x