Thursday, 14 January 2010


Last night I finished the assignments that have taken over the past 2 months. I have never worked so hard on a piece of work, and I was so pleased to find in myself the will to give so much time, effort and angst to something. I wrote with the intention of producing my best ever, so let's hope that the results reflect that!

Now I suffer as a consequence! Yesterday morning my body just said "NO". I had to ignore it for a whole day, aching my way through seminars, reading words which I couldn't make sense of, trying my best to not be as discusting and sniffly as I felt around other people! Early to bed with Tolstoy and a hot toddy felt like a well-deserved treat (despite desperately trying not to gag as I held the mug near my face!), but the hope of feeling more human today did not materialize! Nope, I dragged me and my 36 pages of writing to campus in icy damp conditions, snuffling, moaning and groaning like the wimp that I am! Once it was handed in, however, I had my FAVOURITE lunch; veggie sausage sandwich with tomatoes, and my lovely Texan friend treated me to some Texan socks and a delish (and very posh!) hot chocolate.

Now I am snuggling at home with nothing to do, eucalyptus burning in my oil lamp, Grizzly Bear on my stereo, about to make bread and have an early night in.

Essays and illness really aren't that bad :-)


  1. So glad to read that your hot chocolate intake has been kept up under stuch straining circumstances!
    Take good care of yourself.
    Lisa x

  2. Have a good rest and get better soon!

  3. Thank you so much for the message you left about losing Tilly. It means a lot to receive such kind words at such a distressing time.
    Take care
    Lisa x