Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ode to a Haggis

This year I celebrated Burns Night for the first time. Actually, I got my dates mixed up and so celebrated Burns Night on Australia Day, but nevermind!

I'd never tried haggis or neeps and tatties and was keen to give them a go, especially after hearing so many good things about vegetarian haggis!

And it was yummy! Sort of like my nut roast, but more oaty, and no nuts! And the neeps and tatties, though not very traditional in terms of fat content (I used olive oil instead of butter, and didn't add any extra butter to the mixture at the end), were divine. We ate enough for about four people between two of us (not something unusual for us, actually).

Finished off with one of my favourite juices - whiskey! Again, not very Scottish as it was Jack Daniels, but we got the jist! The night was rounded off with recitals of Ode to a Mouse in awful attempts at Scottish accents. I can't say I'm keen on his poetry, but I do like Burns Night very much - hopefully the first of many for me!


  1. Hi Catherine were only a few days out after all! I keep planning to celebrate Burns night myself - but always forget until the actual day itself! Yours sounds excellent - very unique in fact ;-) MUST purchase ready for next years celebration Eddi Reader's CD 'Sings the Songs of Robert Burns' - if you didn't like his poetry before, wait until you hear how Eddi sets it to music. Gorgeous.

    'Jon Anderson My Jo' is particulalry stunning!

    JOHN ANDERSON, my jo, John,
    When we were first acquent,
    Your locks were like the raven,
    Your bonnie brow was brent;
    But now your brow is beld, John, 5
    Your locks are like the snow;
    But blessings on your frosty pow,
    John Anderson, my jo!

    John Anderson, my jo, John,
    We clamb the hill thegither; 10
    And monie a canty day, John,
    We've had wi' ane anither:
    Now we maun totter down, John,
    But hand in hand we'll go,
    And sleep thegither at the foot, 15
    John Anderson, my jo.

    GLOSS: jo] sweetheart. brent] smooth, unwrinkled. beld] bald. pow] pate. canty] cheerful.

    I think I'm going to sing that at my weddng ;-) The idea of climbing down the hill of life - to eventually lie together for eternity in our graves - is somewhat depressing admittedly - but beautiful somehow! Awww - I think I must be far too romantic for my own good sometime! teehee.

    Hope you're well - Al

  2. fancy some guests for dinner?

    yum. looks delish, drink included ;)

  3. Hehe you're welcome any time Micheala, but I can't promise it won't be a pasta and beans night (a gourmet dish in its own right, of course!) ;-)

    Houdini, that sounds beautiful! My Mum loves Eddie Reader - I will browse her collection and have a listen :-) Thanks!

  4. It's great making an effort and making a celebrator meal isn't it. We celebrated Elvis' birhtday the other year when T discovered his music and we all went a little Elvis nuts with it! I think we have (vegetarian) meatloaf followed by something banana-y!
    Lisa x

  5. That's a great idea! A good way to try some excting (and incredibly healthy ;-) ) new foods that normally you wouldn't dare to try!