Friday, 12 February 2010

The Future is Unwritten

I have had such a busy week! I feel like I haven't stopped! There is a long list of emails to respond to, cleaning to do, reading to catch up on...

Due to a seminar being re-scheduled, I was able to indulge this morning, and had a pre-breakfast run, followed by a nice slow breakfast for two. I love having someone to talk with while I eat my porridge!

I'm currently in the process of trying to map out my future. Not an easy task! I never had any specific ambitions before, but suddenly I have enough ambition to last me a few lifetimes! I have skills, some of which are quite specific, and I want to use them. I want to use my degree, and I want to use my Master's degree. I know I want to work with books. I know I don't want to have a desk job. I want to work with people. I want to do something that reflects how hard I've worked to get this far.

So, I am applying to publishing companys galore! OUP is my dream, and if it would set up an office in the North, even better. In the mean time, librarianship might just be the right thing for me. Larkin was a librarian. I love libraries. Working every day in a grand, ancient library, like the one in Kafka on the Shore, would be my idea of a blissful existence. A place where people go to learn, to think, to be quiet, to reflect, to find inspiration.

Currently, the future feels bigger and closer than ever (makes sense, I suppose!). Before, my goals were quite short-term: get A levels, go to University, get a degree. But now, there is no structure, it's all there, right ahead. Scary stuff!

The weekend is almost here, and I have entered 'weekend mode' a little too early. Should be studying, really. This weekend is particularly exciting, as Sunday is much more to me than Valentine's Day. More on that later though! The next two days will be spent reading, cooking, relaxing, maybe some shopping....and Daniel will be appearing on national TV - celebrity indeed!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. What's Daniel going to be on?
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Lisa x

  2. The Big Questions on BBC 1 this morning! He left at 7am, while I'm going to watch in my PJs with a bowl of porridge ;-)

  3. Ah, I am still struggling with my future. I wish I had such a clear view. I feel the same that I don't want an office job and want to use my skills, but a degree, a masters and a PhD and I'm no closer to knowing what, except that I'd like it to involve jam in some way! Wishing you the very best of luck with the applications...keep us posted!