Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Way to a Girl's Heart

So wonderful to see people celebrating love all over the world! How can so many people be cynical about Valentine's Day? This year I have my first blue-eyed valentine. He surprised me after work, arriving in the pub with a bouquet of roses and a box of Love Tea by Pukka (cannot WAIT to try it!), and causing quite a stir amongst the customers!

But today is extra-special for us both, as today is also our one year anniversary! We have been reflecting a lot on the blossoming of our relationship, such an exciting time in my life, and those feelings have grown over the year; our relationship has never ceased to be exciting!

One year ago today, I was frantically searching my CD collection, as I had been invited to an 'LP Night' by someone I considered way cooler and smarter than myself (whether this was a correct judgement remains to be seen :-P), and there was a lot at stake: I had to impress! I took a good mix of music; bluesy Hijack Oscar, some Karl Jenkins to remain true to my classical heritage, and then the classics - Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel and Fleet Foxes. I remember what I wore, I remember the odd and quite unpleasant smell of university halls, and the refreshingly clean musk of Tiger Balm in his room. We ate flapjacks, drank wine, ate cookies, drank cider. And we listened to amazing music and talked for hours and hours. Hours and hours and hours. Listening to Bon Iver in the early hours of the morning, exhausted from the time and the alcohol, we had our first kiss, so awkward and clumsy and still incredibly vivid in my mind. He walked me home as the birds were waking up and the sun was rising. And I had that feeling that everything was changing; everything was about to become even more exciting!

And it continues to be exciting. The past year has been amazing, in the most simple way. A day to celebrate love is a wonderful idea - everyone has someone to love, whether it be a partner, a best friend or family, there is no rules stating that real love is exclusively romantic love. The best moments of life are almost always shared with other people, and with these other people it is possible to revisit the best parts of life whenever we want or need to. So tonight will be spent eating leek risotto (my first 'meal for two' choice), apple crumble, drinking wine, reflecting and planning. The simple things are always the best :-)


  1. How very romantic!
    May your love and your realtionship continue to blossom and grow.
    Lisa x

  2. Awww bless you both - and what goood music tastes you have!

    The world is definitely a better place ahving someone to love. I've been with my beau 4 and half years now - we still never fail to make each laugh and I make sure I never leave the house wihout a kiss and an 'I love you'.

    We seem to have developed our own language, our own banter and our own way of being together. I couldn't imagine life without him ;-) nor do I want to.

    Stay happy - and happy anniversary both! x

  3. What a great story!

    And thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)

  4. yummy anniversary nosh - hope you managed to fit in a pancake as well. We deferred and will be having ours for breakfast soon. I wonder if G will still insist on ice-cream with his?