Saturday, 6 February 2010

Solitary Bliss

I love having someone to share my weekends with, lazing around, drinking tea while listening to the radio or reading the paper. I love having someone make my breakfast for me, allowing me a little longer in bed, sharing the best day of the week, allowing it to pass unhurriedly, without any commitment to being there at that time - no deadlines or tasks to fulfill. Saturday is the only day in my week where I have nothing timetabled in that I have to do, and so I savour it, and don't allow myself to give my Saturday time away to anything I don't want to do.

But I also love the (now rare) occasions when I have the mornings to myself, without being distracted by company. Daniel is in London at the moment, and so I had Friday evening, and now Saturday morning, to myself. I find myself indulging in things which normally I wouldn't bother to do, and every now and then, this is such a treat! After a cool evening jog through an incredibly busy city (leaving me more frustrated than energized!) I treated myself to a long yoga session, followed by a bath. I never bother with baths unless I'm in my parents' house, where the bath is white and clean and so huge I don't even need to bend my knees. But I have some amazing Lush bath products from Christmas, which I used to their full joy (wow - the little bath soaks in the muslin bags are divine!), and even painted my toenails, which have been hidden and forgotten since October, when sandal season finished. I had time to cook a jacket potato in the oven - one of life's best treats, when the time allows, and then sat with a huge mug of tea to finally finish watching the last three episodes of Flight Of The Conchords, which I borrowed from my friend in summer and must return! My favourite way to pamper myself is to go to bed early with a book and a hot chocolate, which I did, at 10 o'clock!

Waking up early this morning, I treated myself to more duvet-reading, in no hurry to get up and start the day, no one to chat with, no one to make tea for (but of course, no one to make tea for me either!). Porridge, tea and Tolstoy is in fact a wonderful start to a Saturday.

More self-indulgent plans for the day:

- A nice long run
- Shopping in Marks and Spencers for unnecessary treats
- Buy flowers for myself (inspired by Kaileen Elise's most recent to-do list)
- Baking!
- Lots and lots of tea

And Daniel will be back this evening to eat cakes and (hopefully) drink wine with!


  1. i do enjoy a solitary moment... back in college after a breakup, i had to move back with my parents for awhile. The mornings when it was just me eating a croissant with jelly reading the newspaper before anyone was up was bliss.

    me time.

    your post also reminded me how much this winter weather has made me forget to shave my legs or paint my toenails. LOL i just hate the cold. I'm not used to it just yet.

    Kaileen always inspires doesn't she? did you sign up for her good karma exchange?


  2. Oh me time is wonderful and precious, I love it.
    Hope you enjoyed your day of treats and that you have a great weekend all round.
    Lisa x

  3. Micaela - the winter is awful for pampering opportunities! I wonder why? Maybe because we keep covered up and hidden away! I have just filled in my survey for the exchange - it's my first one so I'm really excited! Are you taking part too?

    Lisa - hope you had a good weekend too! I'm trying to extend mine with some Sunday night blogging and, of course, a cup of hot chocolate ;-)

  4. I totally agree, I love sharing my life with someone special, but we both also enjoy times when the other is out. Definitely the sign of perfect compatibility methinks.

    I hope you enjoyed your indulgent weekend...

  5. Awww the perfect weekend - time for yourself and for indulgent pampering...but yet knowing that your loved one was on their way back to you ;-)

    I had that this weekend too - bliss!