Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Time for Another Adventure

At last! Hoilday time has come, and I am so ready for it! Tomorrow morning we head off early to catch a flight to Galway in the Republic of Ireland. From there we'll head as far West as land will allow us, to a little cottage looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, which will be our place of rest for a blissful week. No internet, no TV, no phone. Just lakes, shores and mountains to explore. We head off with two pairs of sturdy boots, two Virginia Woolf novels (our respective favourites which we are going to swap), a book of poetry and more cereal bars than is probably healthy to consume in seven days. I'm ready for adventure, itching to be set free in the wilds like a dog from its leash - not a glamorous analogy, but probably an accurate one!

I have only been with Daniel for a year and a quarter, but already our relationship has seen many adventures, including three short adventuring trips. When we were talking about what we wanted in our perfect summer holiday, it turned out that we wanted exactly the same thing; to be cut of somewhere wild and exciting, with an unknown wilderness to explore. This dream holiday is coming true tomorrow, and I can't wait to be cooped up in our warm cottage with Altantic winds blustering outside the window.

I don't consider myself to be well-travelled; I was lucky enough to spend three weeks crossing over Canada when I was 18, but apart from that all of my holidays have been in Europe, and most of them in the Lake District. However, I don't feel untravelled; every trip I've ever taken has been filled with exploration and adventure, and so long as this continues, I'll be happy wherever my travels take me. My biggest adventure was the Dales Way, which put to the test every muscle in my body and every ounce of courage within me. The week to come will hopefully contain tidbits of that nature, but I'm not intending it to be quite so full-on! We'll see; the Twelve Bens mountain range might be a little too tempting...


  1. Oh I love Ireland. It's just beautiful. Enjoy those Atlantic winds! I hope you have a marvellous getaway.

    PS: When you travelled across Canada, did you come all the way out to BC? That's where I live, on Vancouver Island.

  2. oh my goodness THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!
    i hope you have just the best time ever!!
    and i can't wait to hear all about your adventure when you get back! xo

  3. Erin - hi! Yes we went from Toronto to BC; I'm a lucky girl! Sadly we didn't make it to Vancouver Island (we intended to - I can't remember why we didn't get there now!) but I LOVED Vancouver city! My cousin lives there so I'm hoping to go back one day soon and chill out on those amazing beaches :-)

  4. Hope you have a wonderful week away.
    Enjoy all that cereal bar munching!
    Lisa x

  5. Hope you're having a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return. Look after each other - Al x