Monday, 28 June 2010

One Weekend in Summertime

Summer made a grand appearance this weekend.

Foods in the most vibrant of colours, making meals look too good to eat! Aesthetic food always seems to taste better - visual pleasures to prime the tastebuds.

Days lasting long into the night; sitting out and sipping crisp chenin blanc, getting to know people better as the sun fades into night time.

Legs, feet, toes, knees - enjoying some forgotten sunlight! Showing off odd tanlines and silly tattoos, crispy damaged toes treated to a rare pedicure to celebrate their re-appearance.

Where did these beauties come from?! Roses everywhere, making a sudden and welcome appearance, majestically dressing roadsides, parkways, urban gardens with their delicate vibrance.

Not my favourite season, but beautiful and fleeting all the same. Its brevity makes it all the more enjoyable - my fair skin simmers quietly in the heat, but taking in the colours, tastes and smells of summer helps me ignore this and avoid hiding away in the shade during the long daylight hours. If summer continues to be so vibrant, fresh and alive, may it last until September!


  1. I couldn't agree more. Pass the wine!
    Lisa x

    and i so agree with you, summer is not my favorite season but i definitely appreciate it!
    that summer salad looks yum!