Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Weekend In Pictures

This weekend probably hasn't been quite what I was looking for. It all started with a (terrible?) game of football, which moved onto a pub venue, which moved onto a club, which moved onto another club (I haven't been clubbing in over 6 months, then made up for it all on the night I needed my bed the most...). However, lunatic dancing with friends both old and new, long chats and reminiscing, laughing, catching the eye of someone you thought was gone for good, stumbling and enjoying a spontaneity which doesn't come about often: these things made the subsequent throbbing haze more than worth it, and damped down my growing fears of departure from the world I've known since I was 18.

Saturday morning hurt. But what better reason to sit alone sipping tea (from a teapot!) and reading poetry. I haven't opened my Sylvia Plath Collection for too long, yet I knew exactly where to turn to fall right back in love with her, and that I did. This literary induction into the day whet my appetite for more, and we spent a fine few hours noseying through piles of fusty books in our favourite second-hand bookshops. We added to our growing Virginia Woolf collection, then discussed our future bookshop plans over tea, sandwiches, ginger beer and plum cake. My sandwich was goat's cheese, fig and maple syrup, which was very cheesy and not very figgy, but can there ever be too much goat's cheese? That evening we curled up with a bottle of wine and 'Julie and Julia', which was close to perfect (I didn't think Meryl Streep could get any better, and then she did), inspiring me to cook and cook, to love food and cooking and not worry about much else at all.

This morning Daniel and I took a new step in our relationship: we went running together. It turns out that my boyfriend is a good runner (better than me? We'll see on August 1st!); I was on full-speed the whole time just to keep up (a new personal trainer!), but then again, he is over a foot taller than me. The rest of the day has passed in a Sunday-ish style - laundry, studying by the lake, cooking slow food with amazing results (watch this space!) and yoga; I reckon I'm just about ready for another week, and it should be an exciting one, too!


  1. Ooh is that the copy of Illuminations I bought you? :D

  2. You always post such beautiful pictures!

    ...and I'm loving the 'new look' blog ;-)

    Sylvia Plath is buried not too far from me - have you ever been?

    Not the best day out admittedly to a graveyard (Although I love the really old ones!!!) - but the village where she rests is beautiful too.

    Heptonstall - check it out - hope you're well - Al x