Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Me at the Moment

Apologies for the silence. I was at a wedding over the weekend and other than that I have been exhausted and uninspired.

Right now I am lacking in and missing creativity. In the kitchen, in my notebook, even at work.

Work is currently crazy, and with the added aftermath of a whole week off I am finding myself drowning in tasks.

At the moment I am reading a fantastic book - 'On Beauty' by Zadie Smith. I'm wrapped up in its quirky style, the characters and the fantastic themes that dip and re-surface so subtly.

At the moment I am both fearing and hurrying along some massive changes. Changes that will literally rock us right out of our familiar lifestyles and land us somewhere totally new, and totally different.

Recently I have been making massive plans for the coming few years. Thoughts that sprung into my head unexpectedly during a delightful morning walk are looking more and more solid every day, and the plan I thought I had is no longer the plan. This is good news.

Lately I have been crying a lot. I'm not a cryer, I usually just love a really good, hard cry every now and then. But lately the tears flow inappropriately and whenever I let my mind wander even slightly in one direction. I think this signifies a shift between stages of grief, and so I'm letting the tears fall.


  1. Changes afoot at the Jumbleberry HO? How very exciting. Hope things work out how you are hoping. As for the tears, I reckon you are absolutely doing the right thing.
    Lisa x

  2. Sometimes a plan comes along and it's hard not to resist it, especially those that come along so unexpectedly and delightfully. And tears are the same. They do as they wish and sometimes it is good to give in to them.

  3. Everything around the corner will lead to greater things.

    Tell yourself that every morning. It is the only mantra I can get out of bed for ;)

    Big hugs xxx