Sunday, 17 July 2011

Moments, XI

A weekend that didn't quite go to plan, which much like a row of falling dominoes, had a knock-on effect that stretched right out to this moment here: me, sitting on the couch with a mug of tea after soup and a bubble bath, writing my blog; finishing the weekend in the same way I finish most weekends.

Trying to cycle to Whitby in torrential rain, water scratching my eyes as if it were sand,
Water gushing down the roads, overflowing the drains, making the hard decision to turn back too early,
A disappointed train ride with numb hands and shivering shoulders, finding warmth and comfort in an uneaten peanut butter sandwich,
A hot shower and hot soup, listening to Saturday afternoon radio in the kitchen,
A satisfying spring clean; clean linen, open windows and a new scent of jasmine in my oil lamp,
Meeting friends for a backyard barbeque, sharing news and stories, talking into the night,
Walking home in the early hours with a bright moon overhead, the river still and peaceful in the night,
Chunky porridge and Cerys Matthew's Sunday Breakfast show, large mugs of tea and a wonderful lazy morning,
Baking happily in the kitchen, a new creation which ended up a roaring success!
Running steadily in the rain, sliding through mud and enjoying my breathlessness,
Bubble bath, soup and ironing; the comfort of routine after three weekends of busyness.

1 comment:

  1. Lots of rain for us all this weekend. Sounds like you had some lovely moments involving food and friends too.
    Lisa x