Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Reverb, 2011: Part 2

See the first part of my Reverb 2011 reflections here!

6. Who was important to you?

People took on a new meaning in 2011, and I'd say that this was the most important thing to have happened this year. Daniel was my rock throughout, and without him I'm not sure if I'd be sitting here writing this now. My family became more than just the people given to me by the power of biology this year - we each went through the same thing in very different ways, and more than ever they are now people independent of me and anything I might know. Rather than causing us to drift into individuality, I feel the need to celebrate the people that I am lucky enough to call family. A mother's love often feels like a secret reserved for her own children, but the love and kindness she has shown to others over the past few years, and especially this year, has overwhelmed me, and made me so proud. My often very silent Dad and brother have spoken words so completely from the heart that I struggled to know how to do them justice, and again, their love and way of pulling together has surprised me and opened up my eyes to the people I am blessed to call family. And then there's my close friends. I feel that my friendships are becoming narrower over time, and though this is distressing and sad in many ways, in other ways it allows me to build upon and cherish the friendships that remain strong over time and distance. This Christmas I'm really trying to show those friends who really make friendship what it is how much they mean to me - even this takes time and effort, and really shows me how important time and effort is when it comes to those I love.

7. What do you hope to remember?
In pictures:

My MA Graduation

Valentine's wine tasting

A sunny April bank holiday

The view from the kitchen in York

March mountain air

Creating our own little garden

Keswick Half Marathon
Cycling the prettiest roads in Yorkshire

Cycling 100 Miles

My first fell run
Northumbrian beaches

Hanging thousands of feet above the Lake District
Making Christmas pudding

Birthdays with friends
November skies

 8. Where did you spend money?

I saved money, rather than spent it in 2011. But good money went to moving house, to cooking up some awesome recipes, to filling my world with amazing novels and films.

9. When were you most scared?

Since March 19th I have been constantly terrified - that we won't heal, and that we will heal, both at once.

10. What questions did you ask?

Why? Many, many times.
Will I ever get where I want to be?
How great can I be, compared to how great I'm being right now? How can I fulfill my potential?
How many ways can you cook turnip?
Do I really need this?
Will it ever stop raining?
Where does the wind come from?*
What shall I read next?

*If you don't know, then I suggest you find out - I watched an incredible documentary on the wind and the science behind it!

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