Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Reverb, 2011: Part 4

16. What did you accomplish?

I completed five half marathons, a handful of shorter races and two cycling sportives. I pushed myself harder and found that I was capable of more and more. I also graduated with my Master's degree; a day which, to my surprise, left me feeling wonderfully accomplished and so capable of anything. It's a feeling which I am trying to recapture in my career - that would really be an accomplishment.

17. When were you the most grateful?

When I got stuck on a bike ride on my own, and my Dad sent his colleague in a truck to collect me. I was freezing and exhausted and I didn't want to cycle anymore after getting completely lost and dropping my bike down some concrete stairs (ouch!!). I waited in the nearest train station, miserable and shivering, and then I saw the blue vision that was my Dad's company truck. The concern that my Dad showed towards me as a 23-year old reminded me that I'm very lucky indeed; not everyone has someone to catch them when they fall.

18. Who touched your heart?

There has been so much kindness in the most unexpected places this year, but the time that really springs to mind is when I left my old job. I was given two bags of amazing gifts, which was lovely, but it was people's genuine kindess and friendship that really opened my eyes to how wonderful people really are.

19. Where did you visit?

The Lake District, several times.
Most of the North Yorkshire countryside, including Whitby, Scarborough, Bylands Abbey and Pickering.
Northumbria for a wonderful holiday
London for a meeting
Watford for a wedding
Birmingham for a conference
York for Christmas shopping

20. When did you cry?

When I looked at some friends' wedding photos on Tuesday. When I said goodbye to my Uncle. When my Mum cried in the garden. When I got a migraine. After I watched Never Let Me Go. During The English Patient. When I found out I didn't get the job. And many other times!


  1. I loved all your Reverb 2011 posts (just catching up with reading blogs, haven't been online much), and your answers are very moving - no. 17 here is such a beautiful story.

    You ran five half marathons? Well done! x

  2. I love these reverb posts - so much I have been stealing them for my own blog!

    I can't believe how fast this year has gone and how much has happened.