Saturday, 31 March 2012

Moving Again

We're moving again. To my twelfth home in six years.

I'm hoping this time to stop still. To paint walls and grow courgettes. To create memories as echoes within four walls, maybe to have babies or at least think about having them. A house that I hope to leave on my wedding day ready for the best party of my life, and that I hope to return to a while later with a husband (who I may carry over the threshold if he won't carry me).

I have plans for parties and celebrations. For meals I want to share with friends and days I want to spend in my yard with a book or a trowel. Maybe now things are really about to begin.


  1. How exciting! And exhausting, all that packing and unpacking, but so worth it.
    Lisa x

  2. 'leaving on my wedding day''... woop woop I missed the news. Congratulations x
    I highly recommend both marriage and babies :o) (well baby, one at a time is quite enough!)
    love N x

  3. Gosh you don't half know how to fill your life with the most amazing mixture of pleasure and stress Catherine! But wonderful!!!!!

    You staying in the same village? I do keep an eye out for you - but I'm only there two days a week now and that's within school hours so I presume that you'll be working.

    Congrats and good luck - look forward to seeing some pics of the NEW abode x