Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Let There Be Wool!

And so my favourite part of the year begins! Today has been soggy and cold, with visible breath in the morning air.

But I will not catch a chill! Father Christmas has paid me an early visit, to assure utmost warmth from the beginning of winter to the end!

A scrummy new wooly jumper! I must have been good this year ;-)

Hehe I hate photos taken of me by me...also, a lovely 60s-style duffle coat, with a swishy back to facilitate cycling. It makes me feel like a member of the Parisian socialist scene. I need a red scarf! The best thing about these things is that they are from my favourite ethical clothes store in York. This made it extra special - Mum always tries to get me ethical gifts, but I was worried of the challenge that hunting out an ethical duffle coat would produce; and we did it!

Speaking of scarves...

(cue more awkward facial expressions)

FINISHED!!! And ready to wrap up warm!

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