Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fat Tuesday Fatties

Before I update on all things pancake, here are the beautiful roses bought just for me by my lovely Valentine!

And the special Love Tea. Because I really really do love tea!

I couldn't hold back on the pancake theme yesterday. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to re-visit the time I spent in Brittany 2 years ago, and so put together a Breton-themed pancake fest. My local health food shop provided the buckwheat for my Galettes au Sarrasin, a traditional savoury pancake from Brittany, which was the first and last meal I had when living in Brittany, and many more times in between. I used to buy these galettes from the market every Tuesday and have them for my tea with cheese and peppers. Needless to say, it was quite a substantial trip down memory lane for me, and an enjoyable one.

The menu:

Traditional French Onion Soup, made with local Yorkshire onions!
Galettes au Sarrasin, with spring vegetables and cheese
Sweet crepes, with sugary toppings!
Posh French wine

with a musical accompaniment from Tetes Raides.

Preparing the first galette!

The first crepe is always doomed to fail...

A flippin' failure! (note pancake lying on oven top just off shot, and kitchen chaos!)

A tag-team of pancake chefs!

My 6th (and final!) pancake - banana and golden syrup! Yummmm!!

Sugared out, we slumped with wine in front of University Challenge. That was a real cookery marathon!


  1. Yum.....that all looks super scrummy...beautiful roses!x

  2. 1) beautiful roses!!!
    2) i love the cooking pics! you two are adorable
    3) YUM!

    LOVELY :)

  3. Looks like a lovely Pancake Day! I'll be interested to know if you like the Love Tea - I've tried Pukka's Chai before but not any of their others! Report back :D

  4. Hi Green Ink - I really like the tea, it's an extra-flowery calmomile, very soothing. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't keen on herby teas though! Pukka teas are amazing - I love their spiced winter tea, yumm!

  5. Those roses are really beautiful.
    Pancake no 6 looks scrummy with all that golden syrup!
    Lisa x

  6. WOW! Great pancake day!

    Sadly - that Tuesday was HUGE assessment day for my Music Therapy course. Presentation, Viva, musical styles assessment, improvisation tests etc - so I didn't get home til late and the pancake moment had passed!

    I kept meaning to have some the rest of the week - but just never got round to buying the ingrediants!

    Having just seen yours I want some now!

    Al x

  7. Go for it! A perfect way to celebrate your assessment being over (hope it went well!), to start the week, and to forget the latest cold spell that we have to contend with ;-)