Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Sit quietly doing nothing.
Spring comes,
And the grass grows by itself.

- Zen Wisdom

March is here. I am allowing myself to call it spring, finally. Spring is not a season, it's a process, one which probably started weeks ago, when we were wrapped up and our thoughts were out in the cold. Now spring is visible, and that feeling is growing inside me; that hopeful energy sprouting like the dafodills all over York. Walking around under a brilliant sky, hearing the birds singing even in the twilight, waking to streams of sunlight through my curtains, seeing shoots of green (real ones, much better than the financial ones) struggling through the frosty ground - what could be better?

I went to a Quaker school, and though I'm not religious, the spirituality of Quakerism is one of the best lessons I learned in my 7 years there. It's something I at least try to keep with me every day, and I'm striving to be an outwardly calm person. If I can be an inwardly calm person, too, then even better. Despite the busy growth that we see in spring, I find it's the best season for calm reflection; I try (and I think I mostly succeed) to observe the world around me, to take time to watch the earth changing below and above, as the flowers grow and the trees turn green. It's an amazing feeling to be surrounded by these changes, I think. To run alongside the river under the trees, and feel so small, wrapped up in a tunnel of ever-changing life.

So now the winter is officially over in my book, I intend to strive for reflection, calm and love of what's already there. For the past few months I have been waiting for this change, for what is to come. Now it's here, so no more living in the future; the moment is all we have.


  1. first, i love that quote!
    and second, i got chills reading this. incredible! "spring is not a season.. its a process"

    i adore your honesty and your writing!!


  2. Another great post! My spirits definitely feel lifted when the sun appears.

    Thanks for the heads up about the talk on YouTube, I'll have to look it up. Hope I didn't sound too bitter in my last comment, I think office work is just getting to me! Roll on jam making and spring blooms. Definitely a time for reflection...

  3. A very inspiring post.
    Live in the moment, love it!
    Thanks for your message about Melvin.
    Lisa x