Friday, 10 December 2010

Never Have I Needed a Friday Quite as Much!

I have been quiet here, and I'm hoping this might change. Optimism: always my way of doing things.

I have been quiet because of the ice. Because it takes me much longer than it should to hobble home on a slippery sheet, holding a bike and hoping desperately for a day above freezing.

The time and the effort leave me tired, unable to write or think, so my blogging exploits are lagging.

It's a good job I love my job, that's all I know.

1. I wish that the ice would melt. I wish I didn't dread going outside these days, I wish I could run. Oh man I wish I could run, anywhere, right now.

2. Yesterday I started writing my Christmas cards. I wrote one, then made a hot chocolate and went to bed. Such is my Christmas spirit right now - where is it? I can't find my Christmas spirit!

3. Today I will write my Christmas cards! Yes! I will write them while snuggled together with Daniel, drinking sherry and eating our special Christmas chocolates from a posh chocolate box!

4. Tomorrow I will make mince pies, and mull some wine. And, if the weather is fine I plan to run and run and run, and get this urge out of my system!

5. Maybe I will talk about this weather in 50 years, and tell my Grandchildren about my 3 hour journeys through snow, wind and ice to work. To work with books! Oh books, remember those?!

6. Someday things will change. But they will change slowly and we won't notice, until we think back and remember how much better it all was then. We own the moment, and the someday that may or may not arrive someday, and so it is important to take action now, while holding on tight to the things we want to keep. (Or else, someday I would like to live in the countryside and have lots of babies)

7. I love way too many things, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming

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  1. Ooo, mulled wine sounds so good right now! It's on my to-do list now, too :) Thanks!