Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Six Things

I've been reading inspiring posts prompted by Reverb10 here, here and now also here since the beginning of this month, and these posts have really made me think about what I would write, were I also taking part.

One of the prompts asked the writer to outline 11 things to eliminate from life in 2011, which got me thinking about what my 11 would be. It's hard, thinking of 11 things to change; one minute I can't think of anything, the next I have hundreds of things to improve upon, but I've started to mentally whittle it down to my real priorities. I could only think of six really achievable goals for 2011, but that's ok, I'm happy with six goals - this remains in line with number 1, too!

6 Priorities for 2011

1. Prioritize - Since starting work I've realized that time is precious; really really precious. If I had all the time in the world, I'd bake, chat, contact friends, do the ironing, do yoga four times a week and run five times a week, paint my toenails and shave my legs and everything else that I really would love to do. But that's not life, when you're working or commuting for 12 hours of every day. Life is a tricky balancing act - a balance of health, happiness, career, housework and relationships. Every day I want priorities; simple, achievable priorities to distract from the overwhelming 'to-do' list in my head.

2. Quench my thirst - I don't drink enough; I want to drink more. The upside is that I no longer drink tea or coffee during the day, the downside is that I don't drink much else, either. I used to drink pints and pints of plain water every day, and I want to take some steps back to that point. I'd be surprised if I didn't feel better for it.

3. Get out more - one evening a week, get out there and enjoy living in a city, regardless of the inevitable tiredness to follow the next day.

4. Walk - I spend a lot of time cycling, running and sitting. When I do walk - a few miles every day, I should add - I'm hurrying along, anxious to be at my desk for 8:30am. I see walking as a leisurely activity, that takes time and involves getting lost in thought and wonder at the world. I used to walk most days, and without it I feel like time is rushing past, slipping through my fingers like sand. As the days get longer I hope to hop off the train early, and to walk at the weekends - in the city, in the countryside, around the houses - everywhere.

5. Romance - I am incredibly lucky. But relationships take work, and now that Daniel and I see eachother every morning and every evening, I can see how my regard for doing more 'togethery' things is waning. I don't only want to be the recipient of romance and surprise, I want to create romance and surprise myself, too. A little more thought, a little more skillful planning, a little more seizing of opportunities.

6. Screen time - I spend all day staring at a screen. I am eating my lunch and updating my blog right this moment. One easy way to bring more space into my life would be to take some space to eat my lunch, away from my work-base. I'm too aware that this routine of eating and browsing the internet is a faliure in some way. I don't read and eat, I don't watch TV and eat - eating deserves attention and acknowledgement in its own right!

Priorities, not goals. No losing ten pounds, quitting smoking or doing thirty miles a week on an exercise bike: I want to make small changes, not big shifts!


  1. Priorities, yes! It's definitely going to be my word for 2011 - I will come to you for help when I flag)

  2. As always you make a lot of sense!
    I wish you well in making these changes.
    Lisa x