Friday, 11 March 2011

Fill in the Blanks - FRIDAY!

1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is running a half marathon. Not the actual running of the actual half marathon, but the accomplishment of getting there, to that place where I could run for thirteen miles without walking a single step. That place where I could only be fit, healthy, happy, self-assured and wild enough to do such a thing. Getting to that place was really, really tough, but so worth it.

2. My favourite place to sit in my house is at the kitchen table, on the seat nearest the stairs.

3. My fashion philosophy is smile, wear the right sized clothes and lay off the foundation.

4. Something every girl should have is the self-confidence to naturally be.

5. If you look in my backpack right now you'd find my wallet, some hand sanitizer, a pen, a carrier bag, my keys and my train pass...

6. My favourite music right now is the Mountain Goats - I'm going to see them in May!!! Otherwise I'm absolutely loving the new Wild Beasts record!

7. My favourite part of my body is my back, and my feet. And my skin. I like most of it, actually, except my hands. Not in a vain way, just in a 'it's all very useful' way!

Take part here, and have a great weekend!!

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