Sunday, 13 March 2011

Moments, VI.

The excitement of the big screen, the rustle of popcorn in the dark, laughing along with so many strangers (we may be the last people on Earth to see The King's Speech, but it was worth the wait!),
Early Saturday morning news; sitting in silence at the breakfast table as the world waited for the worst,
Running through desolate farmland, no sign of life for miles; foot cramps, bruised toenails and an awesome sense of satisfaction,
Catching up with an old friend, chatting as if it hadn't been almost two years,
Sweet potato chilli, cooked to perfection, with a glass of cold cloudy perry to knock me off my feet,
Grapefruit and pancakes for Sunday breakfast: flour and honey all over the place,
One of those lazy pyjama Sundays, sugary coffee and noses in books,
Walking arm-in-arm in the sunshine, hearts beaming, planning our life in the country,
Observer Food Monthly and a sweet pear (I read the supplements while Daniel sticks to real news),
An hour of yoga; struggling to bend today, struggling to balance today,
Looking forward to a hot bath and a pedicure, malted drinks and a sleepy Sunday evening.

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