Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Not Running but Walking

A quick update to say hello, happy Pancake Day, happy Women's Day and happy National Pie Week! I hope to celebrate them all, seperately, at some point this week!

Life has been a huge tizzwozz of obsessing over jobs, running, cooking, ironing, and trying to fit in some time for myself around it all. On Sunday I was planning to do an impromptu half marathon: my Dad was running the Haweswater Half Marathon in the Lake District, and I got myself a place on the reserved list. Come Saturday, I decided I needed some space for myself, to be slow and take in the world a little. So, instead of running shoes I packed my walking boots into the car early on Sunday morning, and had an amazing day ambling around a lake, climbing up fellsides, eating picnics in the sunshine and allowing my senses to run wild with the early spring.

As much as I wanted to run when I saw how amazing the route was, I'm so glad I left my running shoes at home on this occasion. Walking was what I needed to gather myself and slow down a little. The Haweswater Half is on my 'To Do' list for next year, instead ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Sunday was just such a fab blue sky day wasn't it. You found a great place to spend it in.
    Lisa x