Thursday, 10 March 2011

What I've Learnt from Working

Six months ago yesterday, I handed in my Master's dissertation, and that was that: time for the real world. In six months I've learnt more about life, about myself and about the way the world works than I ever thought I would. It's been hard, but much much more fun than I'd ever have imagined (that's not actually saying a lot, I must say).

I've learned that...

...each one of those 24 hours we get per day is precious.

...sleeping is not a waste of any of them, unless it's the weekend.

...I know less than most people around me, and if I want to learn I have to listen. matter how hard you work at university, and no matter how amazing your academic qualifications, it doesn't matter one bit: no one will ask, and no one will thank you for telling them.

...I'm not as thoughtful as I once thought; a token birthday text message is now a victory in effort and kindness.

...friendship is incredibly hard without the running availability of email, Facebook and mobile phone usage. really does matter what people think of you.

...early nights are awesome.'s ok to wear your favourite skirt as office wear; saving the best clothes for the weekend means too many things will just never leave the wardrobe.

...melodrama, immaturity and pessimism are simply not acceptable in the workplace. Grin and bear it or go home.

...sitting down all day is exhausting; snacking is essential if such levels of exertion are to be maintained. actually isn't fair at all sometimes.


  1. Yes you're right life really isn't fair sometimes.Other times it can be bloody brilliant! Someone sent me an email recently saying that life is a tasty dish and if you miss out one ingredient then it's just not as good.A bit of a cliche maybe, but true I reckon.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  2. What a wonderful, true and very honest list. I second the early nights, and the point about academic qualifications. A harsh lesson, but one I too learnt very quickly.