Friday, 12 October 2012

Five Things I'm Loving These Days

1. My new study
We spent a couple of tiring and frustrating weekends painting, lugging furniture, spending too much money and scouring the internet for colour matches, but getting down to some work in my newly-decorated study is an absolute pleasure. I chose 'Moss Blanket' for the colour: a beautiful mossy-green which I think promotes thought perfectly. Then there's our bookshelves, which I hated until now, packed to the brim with books and folders full of journal articles. A comfy couch with new cushions for indulging in some couch-based reading, and a shelf solely dedicated to our extensive dictionary collection. Oh, and the theme for the room is owls, appropriately! I was delighted to find owl bookends in the Laura Ashley sale recently, which match the gorgeous owl tea light holder that Daniel got me as a birthday present!

Daniel made me a blackboard for brainstorming

 2. Laundry Weather
The perfect autumn weather sets a great backdrop for the whites on our washing line. The sky is blazing blue and the trees from the street behind ours are bursting with colour. I sort of want to climb mountains, and a sort of want to sit inside in my PJs. I choose the former today!
(Nb. It is Sunday as I write this!)

3. The Prospect of a Dishwasher
We've been on and on and on about it for aaages. We found a good deal, and we went for it. We are approaching the modern era, finally!

The current situation
4. My Electric Toothbrush!
More modern living here (gosh, this blog post is just a line of domestic bore! Is this what I've become?!), as I bought an electric toothbrush - again, an investment that I've been intending on for a while. I truly believe that I sleep better when my teeth are shiny and clean, and this is contributing to the whole effect. Fresh mouth: fresh mind!

5. Manuka Honey Hand Cream

I've been suffering pretty badly from eczema over the past few months and I was really at a loss with what to do about it. A friend suggested trying some manuka honey cream, and in my desperation I spent £10 on a small bottle. It was totally worth it! My skin is still dry, but it's starting to look more human again, and I'm much less paranoid about my hands when I'm with other people (bleeding fingers is never a good look). I'll definitely buy this one again, and would recommend it to anyone with similar skin problems. A day of using this relieved my skin more effectively than a week of horrid hydrocortisone.


  1. I like all the owl things you have in your room, the cushion is very cute too!
    Lisa x

  2. I can see how that beautiful moss green would promote thought, and I love the owls!
    I have an electric toothbrush, too - when I had to get replacement brush heads the last time, I got the Dual Clean ones with two revolving heads, and my teeth feel even cleaner. As you can tell, I love domestic stuff...
    Glad you found something for your eczema xx