Friday, 19 October 2012

Five Things I'm Loving These Days

1. Being a student again
My own routine, lots of reading, lots of debating, new people, any excuse to introduce myself, discounts, no council tax, no dress code, extra-curricular activities, conferences, volunteering, cycling to campus.

Ohh it's awesome!

2. My new lunchbox
It has compartments for snacks and a big space at the bottom for salads or a bagel. And a little pot for salad dressing! I'm enjoying putting together exciting (and not so) meal and snack combinations for my days on campus.

3. Layering
Vest season has arrived, but so too has the opportunity to mix and match colours and patterns. I bought some gorgeous stripey summery tops right at the end of the season, but they work well underneath other things. And scarves, lots of scarves!

 4. Looser Clothes!
The skirt in the photo above didn't fit me not so long ago. And my old student jeans - hidden away in my wardrobe since I left uni and couldn't even get them past my knees - are now back in circulation. It's silly, but it's a good feeling. I haven't been dieting and I certainly hadn't made any effort to get back into these clothes but being on my feet a lot while working in a shop seems to be the latest 'drop a size in 6 months' fad. The novelty is good, but then so are my newest pair of trousers which are now a little on the baggy side...argh!

5. Body Pump
Not at all related to number 4 above, but I've started attending Body Pump classes at my local gym, and am loving it! For those who don't know what this latest fad is, it involves bar weights and lots of all-over muscle burn. I am the Queen of the Squats, and can happily go for ages to the tune of Summer of '69 on a Friday evening, but when it comes to biceps and triceps I'm the class dunce: hopefully I'll see some improvements soon enough!



  1. Firstly, so nice to see you blogging here again!

    Secondly, being on your feet all day is awesome for keeping the body slim and toned. Couple that with the fact I'm on my feet beating the crap out of people all day (you should see my biceps) it seems I can eat what I want again!! :D

  2. Oh yes love wearing scarves.
    And snacks, I love those too!
    Lisa x