Friday, 16 October 2009

Coriander and Cumin

Brrr there's a chill in the air today.

Soon I must get my glad rags on, as I am going to Daniel's new house to be cooked for, and then to the theatre to see Krap's Last Tape! I'm so excited, it feels very date-like; the theatre always causes me to feel like I'm pretending in some way. I've never been a frequent theatre goer, so it's still such a treat, requiring smart dress and a modest-yet-open-minded attitude.

I've spent the past 2 hours putting together a small hamper as a housewarming gift for Daniel. I had a lot of fun in the local wholefoods shop, Alligator, exploring the seeds, nuts, herbs and interesting teas. I was so tempted by everything, but did manage to hold back.

Since he doesn't have internet access, a sneak blog preview of the hamper won't spoil the suprise for Daniel.

In the hamper I put goodies which would otherwise come as a luxury. This included some wheat free organic cereal which we had for breakfast at a B&B in the Lake District, crunchy peanut butter, some spiced tea and some cumin seeds (my favourite of all the herbs and spices!). I also treated myself to some coriander seed from the pick n' mix seed counter :-)

My cousin is visiting England from Canada at the moment, and yesterday he visited me in York. While waiting for him to arrive I came across a fantastic bag shop - 70% of their bags are made there in the shop, and they were on the sewing machine as I was browsing. The bag I bought is made from an old bag and some old curtains, and such a lovely combination of autumnal colours!

It will carry my things to campus perfectly!

I met my cousin and we spent the rest of the day drinking and eating. My parents came over later on and treated us to a meal at Melton's Too. It's tough that we only see eachother every few years, but this does mean that on the rare days we have together, there is so much to talk about and catch up on. Distance does have its advantages.

Now I must shower and choose something nice to wear for Beckett! Maybe it's an evening for my red chinese-style dress...

On a final note - Adam and I found a pub last week selling Oktoberfest beers! Even Sooty was celebrating!

(I didn't have the heart or the pretention to correct their error)


  1. Mit Fehler meinst du sicher Prosit, oder? Da dies eine sehr veraltete Form ist, kennst du sie wahrscheinlich nicht. Prosit ist Latein und heißt wörtlich "es möge nützen". Das hat man früher gesagt - mit der Zeit ist Prost daraus geworden :-)
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. oktober fest!! fabby! I love it! Gorgeous bag as well!! You have such a good eye!

    love mrsb x

    ps my link is working now, if you fancy a peruse! x