Monday, 1 February 2010


Ahhh feeling super good today! I spent the last few days in a grump; the weather was amazing but my glands were swollen and I was tired and heavy. Daniel managed to drag me out of my miserable mood on Saturday with a crisp walk to Bishopthorpe, a village just outside York, where we admired posh houses, ruined churches and the first snowdrops of the year! As a special Saturday treat he cooked me a veggie fry up, too, which certainly provided me with at least a week's worth of protein!

Despite all of this, I was still frustrated with my lazy body, it was so out of step with my mind!

But today is a new week and a new month, and I got a new, bright mood to go with it when I woke up this morning! Glands have returned to their normal positions, limbs feel as if they belong to a human rather than a robot, and my step was springing around the supermarket! And so I used this new cheer to fulfill some virtuous potential!

- Last week I signed up to do the Keswick Half Marathon, taking place on 2nd May (11 weeks and 6 days away!). I have devised an intensive training programme to get me back upto pace with my running, and more besides! Today was the perfect day to begin, so I wrapped up and set off for a nice slow four mile jog (exactly in line with my training requirements). The sky is clear blue, the air is still and fresh, the ground is sparkly with frost. Lovely!

- Still in my running gear, I performed the monster task of cleaning my hob! It has been looming, and worsening, for an embarrassingly long time. But now I have a sparkly kitchen once more!

- I found out today that I have been accepted onto a volunteering project, which I applied for a while ago. I will be helping set up and run a project called YOUth Voice, working with young people to discuss current issues, and leading to a big debating day in summer. Exciting!

- Last night I made an INCREDIBLE ginger and parsnip soup (my best yet, I must say!). There is more for lunch, with homemade spelt bread.

All of these things (and a few more things which are lovely in their normal existence and so won't go on my virtuous list) are contributing to a bright, sparkly mood which I intend to hold on to until spring gets into full swing and brings me back to default cheery mode. The winter has been cold and long and tiring but I have my fingers crossed that spring is peeping round the corner!


  1. Virtuous... i love this word.

    i've always wanted to run a marathon. i need to just get with it huh?

    sparkly mood, i love that description :)

    a new month, you're absolutely right. thanks for the reminder. I fear i'm falling into a slump and this was the exact post i needed to read. thank you!

  2. Hi Micaela!

    Yes, it is a lovely word - to be honest I'm not that sure what it means, but I like what I think it means!

    I hope you're finding your way out of the swamp ok - moving is so overwhelming! February is such a short month, soon it will already be March and spring will haver arrived - can't wait for that! :-)

  3. Hey - things certainly are sounding good! Great stuff!

    ...and that ginger and parsnip soup!? Wow - going to have to have a go at making that myself! Sounds yummy! Was it your own recipe? (mostly the best) or did you follow something?


  4. I've had 3 bowls in 3 days, and am a little dissappointed that it's all gone! The recipe is mostly from one of my favourite veggie cookbooks, with a few personal touches ;-)

    Serves 4

    500g parsnips (about 5 will do if you don't like scales), peeled and sliced
    50g ginger, peeled and sliced
    1l stock
    2tsp honey

    Fry ginger for 2 minutes, then add parsnips and fry 2 more minutes. Add stock, dissolve in honey and simmer for 15 minutes until parsnips are nice and soft. Blend, reheat and enjoy!

  5. Good luck with the training and hope you enjoy the volunteering, sounds interesting.
    Lisa x

  6. Hi Catherine, thanks for my lovely birthday wish. It's always delightful when someone new stumbles across my blog :o)
    Glad February has renewed your vigour. I'm very impressed with your jogging and I doff my cap at anyone who even utters the words 'enter a marathon' let alone manages to run one. Best of luck with your training.
    Nic x