Friday, 10 September 2010

I May Be Losing the Plot

I have lost all control, all ability to think and make simple decisions.

Like - what should I have for breakfast?

I couldn't decide. I ate two breakfasts.

This temporary incapacity to fend for myself is my excuse for this

My first ever investment in a celebrity chef, but oh, Nigella, you are welcome in my kitchen every day of the week!

Still I'm struggling to let go. I need to stop but I'm not yet sure how. Life is looming ahead, like a huge bouncy castle where all the bigger kids are playing, and I'm nervous and unsure of how to approach it. Today I bought myself a super-funky work outfit, and some horrid cheap-o shoes that should allow me to walk four miles a day in comfort while still looking quite smart. There is too much to prepare, I can't let go. I'm in my pyjamas - attire for ultimate comfort - yet I can feel my heart racing and my mind spinning with all the things I must do.

Last night, however, Daniel and I went out for the first time in way too long. It was good to be around people, in the town centre where life is constantly busy and exciting.

We had some fun in Nando's, where we ate messily with our fingers, tried out the spicy sauces and caught up with one another on a new level - life has been too much about me for the past few months; it was good to see how Daniel is doing these days, too!

We love our sauce!

Peri Peri Salt on my chips - yummm!

Trying out the hot sauce

A man and his half-chicken

After our food we went to my favourite pub in York. This place is like a magical cavern, with old rail and industry bilboards and signs all over the walls. It's the perfect pub to cosy up with your other half over a beer and have a good chat, which is exactly what we needed.

I'm going to spend the weekend unravelling (really, I am), and then I'll be moving house, climbing some mountains and changing jobs. I may be away for a while, but I'll be back with lots of stories and news in a few weeks!

Until then I'll be lining up a few posts to be published while I'm away. Upon my return this will no longer be a blog about a linguistics student, 22, in York; this will be a blog detailing the life of a Reasearch Assistant, 23, still in York and sharing my life with a man (an amazing one, but still a man!). Everything is about to change, I'm like a teddy in the 'Claw' machine at the arcade, about to be dropped through a short tunnel straight out into another world. See you on the other side!


  1. I know exactly which pub that is. I love that pub! In fact the very last time I (*ahem*) had too much to drink (which I may add was more than a few years ago now as I am old and boring) it was in that pub. Weird!

    Have fun unravelling, climbing and starting anew.

  2. Mum and Dad bought me Kitchen while they were here - it's a great book!!

    Enjoy all your adventures over the next few weeks :) x

  3. Wishing you lots of happiness as you start your new adventires.
    Lisa xx
    p.s thanks for the tip about the chilli mints