Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Morning Escape

Saturday morning was meant for sleeping, but my sleep mechanism is being somewhat anarchistic, and come 6:30am, I was ready for my day to start.

A September Saturday, bright an crisp - the perfect excuse to go all-out again and enjoy my new favourite thing ever. Backpacks were loadened, maps were consulted, and we head off into the cold morning, with the Howardian Hills as our goal.

We passed through misty fields and sleepy villages; humble landscapes, charming but functional, providing a sweet reminder that harvest is here and autumn is closing in around us.

We reached the Howardian Hills, where Castle Howard nestles - just approaching the Yorkshire Moors, and corners became sharper and hills became (much!) steeper. It felt amazing to be really breathing again - filling my lungs with un-conditioned air was a real treat, and being out of breath felt almost like a revival! So long have I sat lately, crunched-up and slow; my veins were fit to burst and loving every second.

An afternoon of proof-reading lay ahead, made almost pleasurableby the memory of my morning escape. In acknowledgement of the autumn, we baked a crumble with fresh Victoria plums for tea, served with custard and enjoyed in the comfort of a day full of activity, both physical and mental, behind us. I can't wait to continue indulging in the pleasures of autumn!


  1. That's a lovely photo of the bike by the gate. A good reminder of a well spent autumnal day.
    Lisa x

  2. Oh my Catherine, how lovely! It looks like a wonderful bike ride, and sounds like a delicious dessert in celebration of September!
    I lov love love the way you write :)

  3. nothing like a good pedal to blow out the cobwebs. We were cycling at the same time as you yesterday only in the Afan Forest in Wales. And in the rain!

  4. Yay for bikes! A good bike ride really blows the cobwebs away!