Saturday, 8 January 2011


I'm not one for cynicism, but there are some things I dislike intensely and completely irrationally, and sometimes I spend too much time dwelling on these things. Sometimes it's sensible and good to keep thoughts to oneself. Sometimes, but not always.

Things I seriously dislike and would banish, had I the power to banish things

Boil in the bag rice


Ugg boots



Fake 'fashion' glasses


'Healthy living' bloggers who post photos of everything they eat

'Chicklit' and everything it entails

Cling film

Is it just me!?


  1. I'm with you on the cling film. I despise the stuff! I think I might also banish all tv programs/magazine spreads that have anything to do with that trashy Snooki person...

  2. Note to self: Do not wear Uggs next time in York so as not to incur wrath of locals.... ;)

  3. Ooh I didn't know who Snookie was so I Googled here - I want to banish her too, now!

    And Rachel, I thought that might be a controversial one! I think they look rather cute, but I get so troubled by the way they seem to sag over the sole - this can't be good for the feet! Podiatry is something I'm rather vigilant about these days!

  4. you girls make me laugh! snooki... haha!

    but i don't mind the "fake" fashion glasses ;)
    though i'd banish fashion bloggers - only cos i'm jealous i can't take a good photo lol


  5. Ah well, fake Uggs are bloody awful and sag and look like crap after about ten minutes. The real ones (which are quite expensive) have very good support. Yoga teachers din't wear anything bad for their feet!

  6. Catherine - I hope that you are feeling so much better after your faint ;-( Look after yourself.

    I'be got to admit to loving two of your pet hates. I LOVE boil in the bag rice! I can't cook rice - full stop! Never have been able to - but yet I never go wrong with B.I.T.B! I also love it because through my dad's old place of work I can get shed loads of it really really cheap!

    I alos love fake fashion glasses. I don't wear glasses but would love some fake ones! I think I'd look so much more intellient (I know it wouldn't really) and having an recurring eye irritation problem I believe it would be something great to hide behind when I'm at my most conscious!

    Cling film - I can take or leave - I don't possess any however, because I always struggle to unroll it correctly!

    plys - next time you;re in Marsden walking - let me know - I don't live far from there - in fact it is where I use to work!!

    Take care now - lots of soup and rest! ;-)

  7. Loving the new blog layout btw ;-)