Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A simply perfect supper!

Daniel and I have taken on a little challenge for 2011 - every month, we will each cook a meal that we have never cooked before. I'm very excited about this - not only will it prompt me to brave some of the dishes that I never try because I never have the right ingredients, it will also put a monthly spanner into our tasty but repetitive stir fry-curry-pasta-chilli cycle!

Tonight was my January dish, taken from my new favourite man: Nigel Slater! I quickly fell in love with Nigel last week, when I watched back-to-back episodes of his Simple Suppers on iPlayer. I then watched Toast, the film made about his life, and cried right the way through. When Daniel arrived home I made him watch an episode, and we decided that three of the episode's recipes combined (and vegetarianified) would make a wonderful meal to start off the year!

So, tonight I cooked:

Puy lentils with horseradish dressing (taken from this recipe)

Lemon roasted jerusalem artichokes

Curly kale

This was my first taste of the Jerusalem artichoke, and it certainly didn't disappoint! With the lemon and a few potatoes for starchiness, it had a very delicate but wintery taste. I haven't cooked Puy lentils since I lived in France, where they are available by the sack-load, and I was sort of grossed out by their mud-like appearance (I made Daniel taste them before I tucked in, hehe), but the first bite reminded me exactly why they're Puy lentils, and not described solely by their appearance! Yep, we were two happy munchers by the end of teatime - a truly simple meal, and more tasty than it looked!

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  1. That does look tasty!
    I watched Toast, mainly, if I'm honest, to just see the fab kitchen interiors and the food....that lemon meringue was amazing!