Friday, 21 January 2011

Fill in the Blanks Friday

Carb-loading is always fun in theory. Note to self: in reality, it's not.



1. My favourite quote is a Zen wisdom: 'Sit quietly doing nothing. Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself'. This isn't quite appropriate however, I never ever sit quietly doing nothing.

2. A bad habit I have is reading over other people's shoulders on the train. A man picked me up on it the other day and it was embarrassing. I know it's bad, but the eyes want to read, and I can't fit my current book in my bag as I bring so much lunch and it's a hefty read!

3. The first time I felt like a 'grown up' was when I went on my first date with Daniel. It was just like in all of the romantic films, and was absolutely perfect. It was actually my first ever 'real date', too! Aside to that, receiving my first paycheque and spending it all on rent, travel and tax was a jolt into the real world, too!

4. Weekends are my own time. I try my best not to plan anything concrete, and prefer to ride with my feelings. I absolutely cherish them as I have no time to do my 'own thing' in the week.

5. When I was a child I wished my name was...I don't rememeber! I used to shorten it to Cat when I was in junior school, though, which I never do now. Only one of my friends calls me Cat and I like it that way :-)

6. I wish that I had more time to myself. It's something that will need addressing at some point, but I would love to live closer to my job and be able to enjoy the evenings as I please.

7. A secret I have is that I wear leather shoes, even though I'm vegetarian - *gasp* (I have my reasons, of course!)

Take part here, and enjoy the weekend! I get a 3-day weekend as I'm graduating and then racing, and hopefully won't be able to move too much on Monday ;-)


  1. Yeah, I wear leather too - and sheepskin. But shhhhhh :o

  2. hahaha...I love that you wear leather shoes! too funny!

  3. Great answers!

    I love that the first time you felt like a "grown up" was on a date - that's so much better than feeling like a grown up while paying bills! :)

  4. Yikes, I am so, so behind on my blog reading and writing! Love this list, and love catching up on what you've been up to, love that quote. So true it seems almost obvious, but it's not at all obvious how to implement it.
    I wear leather shoes too. I went to a talk this week by Jonathan Safran Foer and he touched on the fact that vegetarians often wear leather shoes as something that is often held against them. His attitude to our relationship with animals was essentially that it's not about whether you fit into a tick-box category (vegetarian, vegan, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, pescetarian ...etc), it's about truly considering and deciding upon your values and doing what you can to stay true to them. It was such a great talk, I can't wait to read his Eating Animals book. Anyway, tangent...