Sunday, 9 January 2011

Weekend for Recuperation

Yesterday I ventured out to my local health food store (this happens to be both the best health food store I've ever set foot in, and the closest shop to our house - perfect!), and as I was queuing patiently with my chunky peanut butter and organic lemons (staple cures for all ailments), I sort of lost all strength and toppled backwards. Luckily, I grabbed Daniel before I hit the floor, but it was quite obvious to me and everyone around me that I had fainted. Only very temporarily, but a faint is a faint, however dramatic it may be.

This was scary, and a real wake-up call that now is not the time to start living with full aplomb. Not yet.

So, under Daniel's very watchful eyes, I have had a wonderfully quiet weekend, and I've been ok with that. There has been lots of sitting and drinking tea, a little fresh air, some lazy iPlayer hours and plenty of cooking, and I am very content with how it has all panned out.

There has been a delightful few hours of chatter and tea with one of my most wonderful friends. A Sunday morning walk, arm in arm, where we stretched our cold muscles and really felt the movement of walking; sort of like sitting on a plane for hours, and finally unravelling from the seat. Homemade sourdough bread which was so utterly divine that we ate in silence, savouring every inch of our efforts. A frustrating few hours spent assembling furniture, resulting in calloused hands and tired knees, but the living room is finally how we want it and that begs no compromise.

So, I am ready now to begin again. To set out tomorrow morning with a spring in my step, anxious to feel busy again; to feel like I have a day-to-day to set my week and my energies in order. Weekends are always better when there's a week on either side of them, after all.


  1. Gosh! Sorry to hear about the feinting, but good to know you managed to take the weekend easy.

    Great new look by the way!

  2. Goodness. Hope you have a good week and feel much recharged soon.
    Lisa x

  3. Oh my goodness - I've had moments like that, usually in queues as well! It's a bit scary isn't it - hope you're feeling better after taking it easy! And happy new year :) xx

  4. Oh NO, you poor thing. I have a bad habit of fainting when I've been standing up for too long, too. Slightly embarrassing.
    Bread sounds lovely - there's a similar recipe for Irish Mum's Brown Bread on 101 cookbooks which is my go-to recipe when I need bread in a hurry. Soda bread is so yummy!