Friday, 8 October 2010

Checking In With Some Blanks

I'm optimistic that I'll be back blogging regularly as of next week. I can't wait to write properly again!

For now, some Blanks from Lauren at The Little Things We Do - Happy Friday!

1. The first thing I do on a morning to start my day is unload the previous night's washing up and drink a large glass of water.

2. Today I wish I was a bit less exhausted - it'd be lovely to spend the evening tucked up by the fireside in a cosy pub, but my 5:30am start will mean I'm done by 9pm I reckon!

3. If I had an extra £100 in my bank account today I'd probably feel better about paying the rent next week (boring answer, but honest!)...ok, ok, I'd treat myself to a newspaper and a hot chocolate on the way home, too!

4. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go cycling - rain please stop!!

5. Two things that don't go together are bikes and skirts - I tried this on Wednesday with a signifcant compromise to my dignity!

6. Something I can never pass up at the grocery store is gourds galore!! Oh, autumn! I have a mini collection, which looks so pretty that I'm reluctant to cook them!

7. The last time I tried something new was last Saturday when I tried out Fentiman's Orange Jigger for the first time - delicious!!


  1. Bikes and skirts? Ha ha ha You are too much, Catherine;)

  2. Stopping over from Fill in the Blank Friday. Good on you for unloading the washing up in the morning. I tend to leave it and then see it when I arrive home...and then not want to do it...and then grab dishes the dishwasher until it's time to fill it again! ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Just catching up with your blog after being away for a bit - you've been so busy, blimey! I think you should treat yourself to the hot chocolate anyway! Oh and I think bikes and skirts are a great combo-may have a lower threshold for the level of dignity I like to maintain, however!