Sunday, 31 October 2010

This Weekend I Have Mostly...

A slow, lathargic weekend at my parents' house has given me some time to catch up with myself. Minutes have passed like hours and I've needed it like that. Somehow I feel more tired now than I have in months, but an afternoon nap - which can only be an essential element of this grey Sunday - might give me the boost I need to keep going until the Christmas break!

I forgot to bring my camera, which is a shame as the colours in the garden are just phenomenal. But sometimes a lack of photo opportunities makes you look harder and closer at the things you see - maybe photographing something for eternity takes away its real beauty somehow.

So this wonderful weekend I have mostly been...

...spending time in the crisp outdoors, scraping up leaves with my Mum. The colours raised my spirits to the sky; it felt almost criminal to remove the display of colours and shapes scattered on the grass!

...baking the week's second batch of Rachel's vegan Christmas cookie recipe. I de-Christmasified them by adding dates for a more bonfire-y theme, and they went down an absolute storm with my family!

...signing up for a half marathon. Entries opened at 9am on Saturday - I was revving up the PC at 8am sharp, all ready to get my place in the York Brass Monkey, which is usually full within half an hour of entries opening. Both me and my Dad got places - let the training commence!

...starting my Christmas knitting projects. I'm on fire this year - this might be my quickest scarf yet!

There will be no soup Sundays today as my dear Mum is cooking a big Sunday roast, complete with Yorkshire puds! I cannot wait! I will return later this week with tales of a trip to London - have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Sometimes we need a slower pace. Hope you enjoy London!

  2. Good to see those cookies are making their way around Yorkshire.... :)

  3. Those cookies look divine.
    Love your last post. I do enjoy my visits here, they make me think!
    Lisa x

  4. sounds like a perfect weekend - and those cookies sound fab, thanks for the link to the recipe, I don't eat eggs so they are perfect for me. Just need to decide what to add to mine...i have some cacao nibs so might pop those in... yummy.

  5. Cookies... Roast dinner... Soup... Knitting! Wow! Your pretty blog has it all!
    Can wait to come back again!