Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cosy Weekend

It has been a weekend of bedding down for the cold season. Filled with indulgence and the most special people, wrapping up warm still feeling like a real pleasuse - my winter duffle coat has made its first appearance and I am excited for chunky hats and scarves!

This weekend, we simply enjoyed our new home...

Small treats to add colour and fragrance to rooms which are still bland and impersonal.

Time for too much tea, time for weekend reading.

Indulgence which is both light and rich! Add stout to your next chocolate cake - I insist!

And the best of friends to share our sweet efforts!

This morning was so crisp and fresh, for the first time in weeks a run was too good to miss. The fresh air was a shock to my system, but an afternoon spent baking (and testing) cookies for a neighbourly 'thank you' seemed to cure all ailments.

And, as always, the weekend was rounded off with a warming bowl of soup. Taken from this recipe, and pictured here, tomato and fennel soup is quite a distance from my usual soup experiments, but certainly to be tried again! Hopefully the exuberance of vitamins will keep me alert and cheery for another big week ahead!


  1. Sounds like the weekend you needed.Like your friends necklace!
    Lisa x

  2. Too much tea?!
    Yummy looking soup - I love fennel.

  3. Ahh so YOU.
    Running, baking, tea....
    It sounds lovely.